Captain Cook sailed past Doubtless Bay in New Zealand’s Far North in December 1769 and recorded the name in his journal because the sight of distant dunes made him sure it was a bay. 

Doubtless Bay, an area steeped in the history of Maori as well as European exploration is also the home of the Doubtless Bay Wine Company, established in 1997 because we had no doubts that we could capture and express the uniqueness of this area in wines of quality, elegance and style.

New Zealand’s Far North is a land apart, a unique environment where warm and dry sunny conditions are moderated by cooling maritime breezes to provide a long grape growing season.

In reality Doubtless Bay Wine Company is a mere speck on the wine growing map.  The challenge faced by small vineyards like us is to convey the extraordinary journey that sees the grapes we grow develop into a bottle that represents not just the terroir but the struggle each year to get our grapes, each grape a reflection of our unique land and environment, into a bottle.

A glass of Doubtless or True North, no matter how far removed from its source, is nothing more and nothing less than a liquid expression of New Zealand’s Far North.

Our wines have been made by Rod MacIvor at Marsden Estate.  Rod’s fine palate and growing history of top awards needs no elaboration. 

Why “Doubtless”?

The story of Doubtless Bay  is one of history, geography and ambition.

doubt’less adv. without doubt, undoubtably, certainly, beyond question, beyond any doubt

Our aim is to reflect the maverick strain of the Far North environment – a bit apart from the rest!  We established the Doubtless Bay Wine Company somewhere we knew was separate from the rest of the New Zealand wine industry. 

When the trend has been for so many wine companies to introduce labels with the name “Bay”, we decided on a label that removes the word instead – but we don’t need a name on our label to tell us where we are or what we are about!

On another level, “doubt” is a concept that defines what it is to be human.  To be without doubt is somehow beyond the norm of human existence. 

It is a goal that, in turn, defines us: to be Doubtless.


The Doubtless Bay Wine Company began as an exploration. The company owns and operates a small vineyard property at Lake Ohia near the foot of the Karikari Peninsula on Doubtless Bay in the Northland Region of New Zealand.

The Doubtless Bay Wine Company acquired an existing vineyard established in 1995, and in 1998 began the long, slow process of expanding it with new varieties and clones. This process includes refining the selection of varieties and rootstocks, production increasing as new plantings yield fruit.

In the tradition of the great explorers of the past with close connections to Doubtless Bay, including the eminent botanist and explorer Sir Joseph Banks from whom the Doubtless logo is derived, our goal is to achieve the best quality fruit that our land provides us with in order to make wines that are distinctive and true to our environment, our terroir, our somewhereness.